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Mrs. Bernice Roberson, Family Childcare Provider in Sandersville, Ga. She is working hard towards her Quality Rated designation and looks forward to receiving a star rating. Recently, one of her former students, Ms. Crystal Corley, became Region 3 Player of the Year and has been offered several different scholarships to attend college. Mrs. Roberson is so very proud that the work she does in the early years bares fruit for years to come. She is so proud of all the children and families she serves.



"Our Quality Rating process was wonderful. Our Technical Assistant Coordinator recognized our sincere desire to provide the best experiences possible to the children in our care. She provided us step-by-step guidance on how to improve our centers’ overall day-to-day experiences. Under Quality Rating advisement, we achieved our goal and are now proud to say we are Three Stars. If you want something bad enough, you will work for it! We put in the work and I am so proud of my staff, my center, and our accomplishments. Not only have the children in our care learned from the intentional teaching methods, but we as childcare providers have learned as well. I advise everyone to become quality rated. It is a wonderful experience. We here at the center look forward to continuing to use our skills and providing quality care for each of our priceless little ones."

Shevella Young, Director/Owner

1 Love Childcare and Learning Center, Sylvania

"When we first started this journey, I was apprehensive, reluctant. We had to come out of our old way of doing things. QR put us in a new phase, teachers were more at ease and it gave them a sense of enjoyment in the classroom through every aspect of the day. It was a great learning experience for me and my staff. Do not judge a book by its cover; QR sounded crazy but now you see the growth and the reasons behind Quality Rated. We love to see children learn and have fun.”

Cheryl Arkwright, Director

Crossing Jordan Learning Academy, Savannah

“This has been a long but enlightening process. Ms. Jeneine was GREAT! I am looking forward to growing and improving for the future!"

Kelley Wiggins, Director

Teachers Too Early Childcare and Learning  Center, Douglas

“Quality Rated highlighted a lot of great practices we were already implementing at our school. The TAs helped us through the process, and guided us to improve our quality. I will advise anyone who is thinking about joining Quality Rated to just try it and learn all that you can in the process.”

Nancy Issac, Director

Best Academy, Savannah

“Wow! The process was initially intimidating and overwhelming; however, the best TA ever made this journey exciting. Staff was able and motivated to receive TA suggestions and began implementing best practices for improvement. With the combined efforts my fantastic staff, my guidance and TA, we were able to acquire a 3-star rating!”

Cami Brantley, Director

Cami’s Kids, Rentz

“Our testimonial throughout the Quality Rated process is that we grew closer as a team and learned a lot through professional development, coaching, mentoring, and training. Our Technical Assistance Coordinator helped us with everything. She told us what we needed to do to become a quality program. Mrs. Cathy was awesome. We love and will miss her.”

Sonya Shuman, Director

Lil’ Rascals, Pembroke

“Our knowledge of the program was non-existent until our CCR&R TA walked us through the process. We are very pleased with the outcome of the assessment and applaud the TA for extending her knowledge and time to help us through this process.”

Shanna Pullen, Director

King's Childcare and Learning Academy, Swainsboro

“The teachers have learned how to educate the children on a higher level than just the basics; and now it’s showing! The teachers are now wanting to go for something better than just the basics of the state level.”

Bree Carter, Director

Bree's Creative Learning Preschool Childcare Center, Valdosta

“Quality Rated was challenging, but throughout the process it allowed us to rethink our ways of teaching and thinking. Ms. Cathy was the light when we were in a dark place. She came with passion, knowledge, the individualized approach, going above and beyond to make sure we all learned at our ways of learners. She always encouraged us and reminded us of our goals. She would coach you and you would not realize what she was doing until after she summarized her visit goals. She did not make us feel low in knowledge. We can truly say she built a supportive and professional relationship with us.”

Sylvia Bacon, Director

Sylvia's Kiddieland Learning Center, Hinesville

“This process was very beneficial for our program. No matter the star level you achieve, you will learn from the process. TA was very informative and provided knowledge to help us with the children. It's a winning process! All of the role modeling provided really benefited us and helped us to learn what was expected when interacting with our children.”

Tracey Broxton, Director

Little Feet Learning Academy, Dublin

“We are extremely happy to announce that The Explorseum is now a 2-Star Quality Rated child care center. I credit our success in achieving this rating to the help and assistance we received from our wonderful Technical Assistance Coordinator, Jessica Boshuizen. Jessica has always given us easy to implement tips, tricks, and homework assignments that made teaching our newest teachers fun. Jessica has introduced us to practical techniques to help our teachers understand how to take the information in the ECERS book and apply it to the daily instruction with their students. When we first started working with Jessica, she quickly introduced herself to everyone and learned all of our team member's names and personalities. As we got closer to our submit date, Jessica continued to answer all of our questions and motivated us to reach the highest Quality Rating possible. We just can't thank Jessica enough for making this whole Quality Rated process a very pleasant experience.”

The Explorseum, Statesboro

“Going through the Quality Rated process helped to improve my program, professional development, offered intentional trainings with a TOL focus, and the services offered to my families and communities. The Technical Assistance Coordinator was a great help to me. I feel without my Technical Assistance Coordinator and Port-folio Assistance, I would not have mastered my goals. I would not have met my goals without them. The services, coaching, and strategies were Excellent. I would advise everyone to go through the Quality Rated process to enhance the service they offer our students, birth to five!”

Francina Ware, Hinesville

“It was truly a blessing to receive the training that was shown and taught by the TA(s). In a short time we went from think-ing what to do about certain areas to knowing what to do! One class in particular was our Toddlers class. The Toddlers’ class was definitely in a stressed state as far as classroom set-up because of the size but Ms. Pam Scalf came in and in no time changed the class to a home away from home for the toddlers! The Preschool/K class was also shown to need a new look and both Ms. Pam and Mrs. Katrina worked on the class for us! The training that was given and the portfolio, which I must give praise to Mrs. Katrina, were very helpful in many ways other than administratively. Overall, the knowledge shared and the training given helped shape us into a better center all around! I must give one more shout out to Ms. Pam for going above and beyond to be there for us in every way! WE ARE GRATEFUL & LOOKING FORWARD TO BECOMING BETTER!!!!”

True Freedom Ministries and Learning Center, St. Mary's

“QR process is worth it-what we think is the right way, we are shown a better way to interact with the children. A lot of us do not understand the reason why language is so important. I recommend people to join QR and start the jour-ney. We need to do it for the children. Anything better to help us help them.”

Lynette Mike, Savannah

Congratulations to our own Leticia Arrazola-Kinslow on being recognized as the Technical Assistance Specialist of the Year by GAEYC!
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