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Going through the Quality Rated program has truly improved our center. Quality Rated helped our staff learn better ways of communicating with our children and their families. Our children now have individualized learning and teaching through free play.

Bright Beginnings

Metter, GA

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We are extremely happy to announce that The Explorseum is now a 2-Star Quality Rated childcare center. I credit our success in achieving this rating to the help and assistance we received from our wonderful Technical Assistance Coordinator, Jessica Boshuizen. Jessica has always given us easy to implement tips, tricks, and homework assignments that made teaching our newest teachers fun. Jessica has introduced us to practical techniques to help our teachers understand how to take the information in the ECERS book and apply it to the daily instruction with their students. When we first started working with Jessica, she quickly introduced herself to everyone and learned all of our team member's names and personalities. As we got closer to our submit date, Jessica continued to answer all of our questions and motivated us to reach the highest Quality Rating possible. We just can't thank Jessica enough for making this whole Quality Rated process a very pleasant experience

The Explorseum

Statesboro, GA

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During this process, I have learned so much. I have learned quality care for children. Keeping a safe and functional environment, creating and maintaining a positive lasting interaction with my children. I am so grateful to my TA for all of her hard work and diligence in helping me prepare for this observation! We plan on maintaining our 3 star rating and utilize every resource and idea that we've acquired during the process. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Congratulations to Kenyatta! She is the first family provider to become Quality Rated in Emanuel County!

Kenyatta Daughtry

Swainsboro, GA

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Going through the Quality Rated process helped to improve my program, professional development, offered intentional trainings with a TOL focus, and the services offered to my families and communities. The Technical Assistance Coordinator was a great help to me. I feel without my Technical Assistance Coordinator and Port-folio Assistance, I would not have mastered my goals. I would not have met my goals without them. The services, coaching, and strategies were Excellent. I would advise everyone to go through the Quality Rated process to enhance the service they offer our students, birth to five!

Francina Ware

Hinesville, GA

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QR process is worth it-what we think is the right way, we are shown a better way to interact with the children. A lot of us do not understand the reason why language is so important. I recommend people to join QR and start the jour-ney. We need to do it for the children. Anything better to help us help them.

Lynette Mike

Savannah, GA

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It was truly a blessing to receive the training that was shown and taught by the TA(s). In a short time we went from think-ing what to do about certain areas to knowing what to do! One class in particularly was our Toddlers class. The Toddlers’ class was definitely in a stressed state as far as classroom set-up because of the size but Ms. Pam Scalf came in and in no time changed the class to a home away from home for the toddlers! The Preschool/K class was also shown to need a new look and both Ms. Pam and Mrs. Katrina worked on the class for us! The training that were given and the portfolio, which I must give praise to Mrs. Katrina, were very helpful in many ways other than administratively. Overall, the knowledge shared and the training given helped shape us into a better center all around! I must give one more shout out to Ms. Pam for going above and beyond to be there for us in every way! WE ARE GRATEFUL & LOOKING FORWARD TO BE-COMING BETTER!!!!

True Freedom Ministries and Learning Center

St. Mary's, GA

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Building Blocks.jpg

Although difficult and sometimes challenging the Quality Rated program helped to enhance our day-cares curriculum for the betterment of children's education, teachers creativity, and management’s growth .This process is well worth doing and the consultants are there to help you and to be an encouraging force to get you to the result you want to achieve

Building Blocks Learning Center

Rincon, GA

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